About Dishes for the Sick Room

This project has been funded by an Early Career Fellowship from the Glasgow Medical Humanities Network and Wellcome Trust.

Using a visualiser from the University of Glasgow, material from the GCU archives has been photographed, to create a sense of these texts as material objects which were used to educate students about food and cookery.

GCU’s collections house a wealth of material related to food and cookery which are explored throughout this site, including published cookbooks, several editions of the Glasgow Cookery Book, and minutes and students notes from the Glasgow and West of Scotland College of Domestic Science.

Why Glasgow Caledonian University?

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About Lindsay

Lindsay Middleton is a fourth year PhD researcher across the University of Glasgow and University of Aberdeen. Her interdisciplinary SGSAH-funded project, ‘The Technical Recipe: A Formal Analysis of Nineteenth-Century Food Writing’, straddles English Literature and the History of Technology. Using a structural analysis of the recipe genre, Lindsay investigates how food writers in the nineteenth century used material food technologies as a way of situating themselves in culinary histories. She has written and presented on food adulteration, narrative cookbooks, the ideology of food and thrift, and tinned foods. Lindsay has published on tinned foods as a disruptive technology, and has publications in progress addressing food adulteration in the 1820s, broiling and imagination, and thrifty nineteenth-century recipes. She has also engaged in internship work with the National Trust for Scotland that reimagines the way food features in historical properties.


‘Dishes for the Sick Room’ has been funded by an Early Career Foundation Award from the Wellcome Trust and the Glasgow Medical Humanities Network. The project has been supported by two mentors: Carole McCallum, University Archivist at Glasgow Caledonian University and Dr Manon Mathias, Lecturer in French at the University of Glasgow. The project was made possibly by the visualiser technology loaned by the University of Glasgow’s Special Collections department.

This project has been designed and undertaken by PhD researcher Lindsay Middleton, whose PhD project ‘The Technical Recipe: A Formal Analysis of Nineteenth-century Food Writing’ is funded by SGSAH and supervised across the University of Glasgow and the University of Aberdeen.

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